34 Piggers with Josh Glazer & Sophie Vulpe

November 7, 2016

Musician, and producer Josh Glazer jumps in the mix to tell us the tales of his trumpet, how he got the title Litter Police, and flaming turds. We talk about cockpit cockpics, lucky silk panties, and pigeon chunks before Sophie Vulpe joins us unexpectedly to tell us about her bizarre experiences in childcare. We debut new game I Had a Dream, It Was a Nightmare, share some unpopular opinions, and Glaze produces a quick song from sound samples for us on the spot! Glaze muses, Sophie confuses, Scott floozes, and Steve oozes in another tasty episode of Cringeworthy!

Check Glaze out at jglazeproductions.com and 1WayTKT.com

This week’s song is “Don’t Run from My Love” by 1WayTKT featuring J. Glaze

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