27 Stupified Squad with Jay Miller

August 15, 2016

Jay Miller, comedian, talk show host, and produce of Impractical Jokers! climbs up to the tree house before we collectively dive into a hole of despair, hopelessness, and self-loathing. We talk all about decapitation, body hair, and how to remember people you don’t remember meeting. We play new game International Jokers, and read some good juicy Textual Harassment, as well as a sampling of some of Jay’s own texts.

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This weeks song is Something About April by Adrian Young.

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One comment on “27 Stupified Squad with Jay Miller

  1. Lady Drummer 2 Aug 17, 2016

    I enjoyed listening to the topics that you discussed and found the following truly Cringeworthy-“cutting the line to get a head”, “aim for the drain” and ” I farted and made it to Portugal”. I agree that “Midevenings is an Institution”. But now I realize that after giggling at some of the cringeworthy remarks and watching Jay’s Periscopes for hours on end, I may need to be “institutionalized”.

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