26 Live “Industrial Strength Cringe” with Molly Lisenco and Ed Varuolo

August 9, 2016

What a blast this event was. Comedian Molly Lisenco joins us to interview and go deep with Ed Varuolo, owner of Hypno-Tronic Comics and creator of Industrial Television, a cult classic public-access show. Ed gives us the scoop on weird comic shoppers, we talk about sex toys, and Suicide Squad. We watch a clip of Industrial Television, play a horrific installment of Fan Fiction Theater and play TWO games: From B to A, and Cult Classics. Big thank you to everyone involved in this episode, especially the artists and craftspeople who came with excellent gifts to giveaway for our games, so a special thank you to:
Geek Emporium
Ditzy Dyes
Stereotype Co.
Hypno-Tronic Comics
& Ally Karadzas

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One comment on “26 Live “Industrial Strength Cringe” with Molly Lisenco and Ed Varuolo

  1. Hypno-Tronic Comics Aug 9, 2016

    There is still a clip on You Tube with some of an opening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2FmbeWjPYk

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